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VE Day in Ash Vale

VE Day in Ash Vale I remember VE Day for three different reasons, none of them I am ashamed to say, having anything to do with Victory in Europe.

One reason was that I was wearing my best bib and tucker , that is my new school uniform. The second was that free cakes were on offer. Last but not least, was the sting of my mother s hand on my leg when she saw I had torn my trousers climbing the apple trees.

This celebration to mark VE Day was held in the grounds of a large house called Trelawny. This house was situated in the Frimley Road, on the right hand side going towards Ash Vale School, just past our village shop Campbells (later to become a flower shop).

Among those present I remember my grandmother Eileen Noyes, a relative of the fairground family, who lived opposite Ash Vale School, Mrs Grant from Station Road, Mrs Spreadborough from Farnborough, and of course my own mother Hilda Blundell.

Soon after the event, my father George Blundell returned from the Army, bringing with him amongst other things a large jar of sherbet lemons. I swear that sometimes I can still taste them even today. Bitter sweet memories that will be with me forever.

By George Blundell (The little boy on the left, peeping out from behind his mother.)

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