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Fun in Fairyland at Heathcote School

Fun in Fairyland

Fun in Fairyland, a play by Miss May Brinsley-Richards, was performed at Heathcote School in the late 1920s.

The Cast were:

Henriette and Juliette, Maids: F. Trussler and G. Boskett
Patty, Nurse: N. Gray
Queen: A. Daw
Alphonse and Maurice, Pages: T. Woodman and W. Scard
Courtiers 0. Rowley: 0. Hunt, W. Henderson, N. Hannan, N. Robbins, H. Scard, B. Best, N. Daw or M. Dean
Adrian Lyric, Poet: F. Trevena
Lady Clarissa: J. Madgwick
Chancellor: B. Wheeler
Mlle Bonton: W. Mearing
Princess Christobel: M. White
Herald: H. Esdaile
Prince Jerome: J. Esdaile
Water Fairies: J. Ricketts, J. Smith, V. Johnson, J. Poulter, P. Cooper, 0. Callingham, V. Pearce, B. Barton
Res K. Britton
Frog: J. Barton
Fishermen: J. Goodyear, L. Franklin, L. Lodge , L. Bennett, B. Ramsden
Fisher Girls: B. Hawkins, E. Wignell, 0. Callingham, P. Hollarnby, D. Vickers
Chestnut Seller: W. Gray
Firelight: P. Barnett
Fire Fairies: W. Bennett, O. Inkpen, B. Barton , M. Newson, M. Gough, K. Woodman, I. Bennett, G. East
Chestnuts: M. Murphy, L. Boskett, 0. Ricketts, D. Murphy, B. Hunt, F. Mercer, M. Boskett, F. Moore

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